Higher Engineering Mathematics; John Bird; 5th Edition

‘Learning by example’ is at the heart of ‘Higher Engineering Mathematics 5th Edition’.

In Higher Engineering Mathematics 5th Edition, theory is introduced in each chapter by a full outline of essential definitions, formulae, laws, procedures etc. The theory is kept to a minimum, for problem solving is extensively used to establish and exemplify the theory. It is intended that readers will gain real understanding through seeing problems solved and then through solving similar problems themselves.

Access to software packages such as Maple, Mathematica and Derive, or a graphics calculator, will enhance understanding of some of the topics in this text. This textbook contains some 1000 worked problems, followed by over 1750 further problems (with answers), arranged within 250 Exercises. Some 460 line diagrams further enhance understanding.

You can free download the e-book using this link below:

Higher Engineering Mathematics
e-book Higher Engineering Mathematics; John Bird; 5th Edition.


d(-_-)b said...

Thanks for this book but i want to ask you what about the solution for the exercises inside this books where can i find it


asal_jepret said...

thannk's for this book but i don't understand about algebra... can i find a specific solution inside this book...

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lion said...

what is scientific notation
Scientific Notation include in the mathematics course. In the world of science some time we deal with numbers which are very small and those which are very large. In some branches of science large numbers while in others very small numbers are used.

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Aslam Saah said...

Mathematics is always logical. If we understand the logical concept, we can solve any problem.